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Adventure Games

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Time: Fridays 4.30- 6PM (Starting Friday 5th July 2019)
Venue/Location: The Garden Room, Moat Brae
Price: £5 per session. Book your place at Moat Brae Reception or call 01387 255549

Adventure Game Evenings

Fridays 4.30- 6PM (Starting Friday 5th July 2019)
The Garden Room, Moat Brae
£5 per session. Book your place at Moat Brae Reception or call 01387 255549

Ages: 9-13
Places are limited so act quickly.

The Adventurers Guild seeks six creative, inventive and brave explorers to delve into dungeons, solve puzzles, vanquish enemies and seek treasures.

Adventure leader Ella McLellan is looking for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 13 to join the Adventurers Guild and take part in a simple tabletop roleplaying adventure. You will be creating your own fantasy characters and then working together as a team to explore towns, forests, swamps and dungeons on a guided storytelling adventure. The sessions are designed for those who have never roleplayed before but have always fancied giving it a go. The rules will be simple and open to creativity and the atmosphere will be relaxed, inclusive and fun (feel
free to bring snacks). Tabletop roleplaying is a creative, co-operative, and exciting form of joint storytelling, where participants choose the direction the story goes, interact with the characters within the tale and work together to reach the conclusion.

All adventurers must be able to attend the first two sessions but may return to base camp (miss a session) occasionally if needed after this.
Session leader Ella McLellan is a lifelong geek who has worked with young people for over 20yrs as both a teacher, trainer and a stage manager. She introduced dungeons and dragons style roleplay to her own daughters when they were about 10 and they are still playing games 10yrs later!

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