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What’s Your Story?

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Time: Wednesdays 2-3PM (Starting Wednesday 3rd July 2019)
Venue/Location: The Garden Room, Moat Brae
Price: £5 per session . Book your places at Moat Brae reception or call 01387 255549

What’s Your Story?

Wednesdays 2-3PM (Starting Wednesday 3rd July 2019)
The Garden Room, Moat Brae

We all have a story. You have a story, I have a story, the nice lady behind the counter in the chemist has a story, and if we were all able to tell our stories we’d never be lonely again. It’s our shared stories that make us human, and help us connect with other people.
In What’s Your Story? We will explore how to pick the words, and shape the sentences that will bring your story to vivid life.

Eryl Gasper Dick is a highly experienced creative writing teacher, educator and Literary Ambassador. She has a deep love for the rhythms that can be made by putting words together and is passionate about the process of writing. It is through these sessions that she hopes to help other writers, regardless of age or experience, access their creativity, and to realise the beauty in their own writing.

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