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Yoga Moments at Moat Brae

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Time: Wednesdays 12-2PM (from 3rd July)
Venue/Location: The Garden Room, Moat Brae
Price: £6 per session, all ages welcome

Moments at Moat Brae
Wednesday 12-2PM (starting 3rd July 2019)
The Garden Room, Moat Brae

At Moat Brae, we know modern life can be stressful.
With Moments at Moat Brae, we aim to offer an oasis of calm in the daily bustle of everyday life. Join our in-house yoga teacher Becky Fisher as she facilitates this oasis within Moat Brae’s Garden Room.

A former paralegal turned yoga teacher, Becky will share simple ways for you to feel calm and cared for.

These include activities like:

• Practice sit spot mindfulness activities in our garden room or beautiful garden
• Learn Thai yoga massage for yourself or in pairs
• Play some mindful games, perfect for lightening the mood!
• Relaxation
• Reflections on ancient yoga philosophy and how it relates to the 21st century
• Chair yoga
• Gentle mat yoga
• How to alleviate anxiety and tension at work
• Visualisations
• Mindful breathing
• Mindful walks
• Yoga for sleep
• Simple song and mantra

These will be offered on a drop in basis for adults. Absolutely no experience is necessary. The sessions are informal and relaxed and there will be no pressure on you. Every week will be different, and we will cater to the individuals who
come in our doors. Think back to when you were a child or when you last watched one play. They are immersed in their experience and their concentration is absolute, from swirling a stick in the mud to stroking a cat’s fur. They are absolutely
present in that moment and you can regain that feeling through Moments at Moat Brae.

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