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Helping Hands Step Forward

moatbrae, May 16, 2016

13165824_10154207299394532_5648115346312693892_nIt’s spring cleaning time at Moat Brae as we prepare for the forthcoming events in the count down to the final phase of works to create a National Centre for Children’s Literature and Storytelling.

Lending their helping hands were Sue Munday, Volunteering Project manager for Step Forward, and Gill Lyndsay, a colleague from Helping Hands as well as young volunteers from Dumfries High School – Official.

Why not come along to one of our events? You’ll find all the information on our events page.

More about Step Forward and Helping Hands:
Helping Hands is a programme that offers supports to young people in a work environment. Primarily we deal with S3 and some S4 pupils in the transition from school to further training and employment but who still require some level of supervision and support.
The focus is not completely on the work we are doing at any given placement but rather on the ethics and expectations of what work generally demands. We look at: time keeping, appearance, the responsibilities of health and safety and respect. This hopefully prepares these young people for what they may encounter when they do enter the world of work.
We work on many soft skills like helping improve listening and following instructions, taking turns, speaking with adults, making a decision and solution focused approaches. We help to build their confidence by allowing them to try many different tasks and help them to see these through to completion.
This group runs in partnership with worldwide volunteering and if they have completed enough hours the young people receive a certificate to show this. This experience will also open up other opportunities for these young people should they wish to pursue them.

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