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Donor Schemes


A unique opportunity

By donating to the Moat Brae Appeal, you will be an acknowledged partner in writing the next chapter in the life of Moat Brae and its ‘enchanted land’.  Our vision is to create an innovative international visitor attraction, a vibrant place in which new and old stories will be celebrated and great literature introduced to children for generations to come.

Help us achieve the dream

We have raised £6.1m for the Capital Works but still need your support to help to reach our target of £6.5m and to raise the vital funds needed to for specific features to create and run a National Centre for Children’s Literature & Storytelling at Moat Brae.  See a selection of sponsorship and naming opportunities on this page.

How we will thank you

Your generous gift and long-term association with the Trust can be acknowledged in a number of ways:

Donations of £1,000 or more

  • You will be acknowledged on our website (business sponsors will also receive a link to their own website).
  • You will be invited to the official opening of Moat Brae.
  • You will also receive regular newsletters and updates on our work and invitations to all Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust events.

Donations of £5,000 or more, additionally

  • You will receive a display certificate with an image of Moat Brae or the item or area you have specifically sponsored, acknowledging your support.
  • Your name will be displayed on the Donor’s Board.

Donations of £10,000 or more, additionally

  • You will have the opportunity to have your name associated with the particular item or area you have sponsored.

For More Information Contact
Cathy Agnew

Project Development Director
Tel: 01387 255549 / 07796 176124



  • Peter Pan’s Window £ 25,000
  • Starlight Dome £ 20,000
  • Attic Windows (each) £ 1,500
  • Chamber Floor Windows (each) £ 2,000
  • Ground Floor Windows (each) £ 3,000
  • Basement Windows (each) £ 1,000

          Naming Of Rooms

  • The Darling’s Nursery £ 40,000
  • The Barrie Room £ 50,000
  • Friends And Volunteers Room £ 50,000
  • Robert Threshie’s Study £ 60,000
  • The Dining Room £ 75,000
  • The Gordons’ Drawing Room £100,000
  • Bank Of Stories £200,000

           Exhibition Spaces

  • Permanent Exhibition Gallery £ 75,000
  • Temporary Exhibitions Gallery £100,000

          Neverland Discovery Garden  

  • Specific Themed Installations From
    £ 5,000
  • The Home Under The Ground Performance Space £ 50,000

          New Wings

  • West Extension (Café, Reception/Shop) £300,000
  • Education And Learning Pavilion £500,000
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment £100,000


Send a cheque

Payable to Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust
Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust
92 Irish Street
Dumfries, Scotland

to send with your cheque

Donate via BACS
Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust
Clydesdale Bank, Dumfries
Account No 30093158
Sort Code 82-62-13

Set up a standing order
Make a regular donation
to Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust