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Opportunity for Stage Manager

moatbrae, September 4, 2018

The Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust is looking for an experienced Stage Manager to help coordinate and manage a community performance event as part of Moat Brae’s Dreams for the Future Festival near the end of 2018.  The event will take place at Dumfries Academy with the tech rehearsal on Friday 23rd November 2018, with the performance taking place on Saturday 24th November.  The Stage Manager will therefore be required to commit to two full days and be prepared to liaise with the community performance groups beforehand.

Responsibilities include:

  • distribute information to all community performance groups
  • manage the props and set backstage during the event
  • supervise the ‘get in’ to the venue when the set, lighting and sound are installed, and the ‘get out’, when all the equipment is removed
  • compile and operate prompt script
  • make alterations to the set between scene changes, prompt actors and cue technicians
  • ensure the welfare of all community performance groups and have a good working knowledge of all relevant health and safety legislation and good working practice
  • run the backstage and onstage areas during the event
  • liaise with the director, stage personnel and other technical personnel
  • call actors for performances

This is a paid position.  All enquiries should be directed towards John Molloy by email.  Closing date is Friday 28th September 2018.

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