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Pirate Loot!


Super Story Snippets Stolen by Pirates from Young Moat Brae Writers – it’s Pirate Loot!

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Fright Night by Louise Jones JMB Creative 28th September 2017

Flap, flap, scratch, scratch.  Was that a bat?

Ring, ring.  Who’s that at this hour? ‘Hello’. Silence.

I am getting rather scared now. Who’s that around the corner?

Glowing eyes.  Crash, splash. O help!

Halloween ghosts?

Thomas my cat, asleep on the mat.

Louise Jones, age 11


Peter Pan’s Next Adventure by Elliot Gashi age 11.  Told by Lucy Brann, Admin Assistant at The Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust.

Once upon a time, Peter Pan was gliding across the blue sky over the sea near Neverland with Tinkerbell, when suddenly…


They had hit the mast of a rickety old ship! They slid down the mast and lay in a tangled heap
Donald Whitelaw, age 8

Before Wendy could say anything, Captain Hook jumped out of the bush and tried to attack Wendy, but the mermaids pulled her into their pool. Wendy found it hard to breath but the further down the pool they got, the easier it was for her to breath. After a while the mermaid gave her a star to place on her head-but then her body began to change, and her legs got shorter, and a crown was placed on her head, and at that moment she knew her life had changed forever. She was…..a MERMAID!!!

Eve Shrimpton, age 11

At that very same moment, the dreadful Captain Hook came running over a peak with Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys hot on his heels, wielding saucepans! Peter hit Hook hard on the bottom.

Donald Whitelaw, age 8

Peter took them to his hideout to show them round. It was in the trunk of a large, dark oak tree. There was loads of space inside, but there weren’t many things. This was because it was a tree in a forest. He had some hangers for his clothes, and some weapons, but nothing else.

Matthew Dunn, age 10

Now at a safe distance, Wendy watched on as Captain Hook approached. Wendy started to bite her fingernails. All her brothers and the Lost Boys couldn’t watch. As Captain Hook got closer to Peter Pan, and he stopped. He saw the crocodile and its ferocious teeth. Then he turned back and looked at his shipmates. They all dropped their swords, and ran off into the sun set!

Keir Patterson, age 11

It was a land full of nature. Often Wendy would drift away into a day dream, of a magic land. This felt like the land she was dreaming of. Lots of little fairies flew by her, and started dancing around the gigantic mushrooms.

 Hope Jack, age 11

Wendy quietly lands on the soft, white snow, with Peter Pan and her brothers landing just after her…their first challenge was a steep hill. Luckily there was a log with a hole in it so Wendy and her brothers rode down the hill in the log, and Peter flew beside them. Peter had to save Wendy and her brothers from going off the edge of a cliff. Their next obstacle was an ice bridge, with a gigantic, mean ice ogre beneath it!

John Muir, age 11

She realised she was in a castle. A dark, gloomy castle. She looked outside. The Jolly Rodger was getting closer to the island. She panicked in horror. Wendy hid, then she saw loose bricks in the wall. She pulled them out, and there was a path, she saw light at the end of it, so she tiptoed there.

Danny Smith, age 11

Soon I saw a net tied to a tree overhead. Before I could even blink, the net fell on her head and she got carried off into the grass…I quickly blow-darted the guards and snuck inside a barrel. I edged closer to the girl, and popped my hand through a little hole. While the Captain wasn’t looking, I quickly cut her free-and without questioning it she ran away!

Adam Black, age 11

Wendy started to cry. She wanted to go back to her house in London. Neverland was not magic but it was very scary and unfriendly. The lost Boys gave Wendy a cuddle and said they wanted her to be their new mummy. Wendy said yes and started to feel much happier.

Zander Willacy, age 8