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Enchanted Trees

moatbrae, August 4, 2015

This beautiful, limited edition bowl, made from wood salvaged from a fallen tree at Moat Brae, will soon go on sale in aid of PPMBT. Thanks to Phil Howard who had the foresight to keep some of the discarded branches back in 2009, they’ve been drying out and seasoning since and now he’s making some lovely things for us to sell, including pens, plates, mushrooms, bowls etc.

After visiting Moat Brae’s Neverland, Phil Howard was struck by an idea. He could use his woodturning skills to make magical items using wood from Neverland, which could be sold to raise money for Moat Brae!

In August 2015 two of our volunteers visited Phil in his workshop to find out how he made the Neverland wood into pens. Volunteer Ben said ‘It was a fascinating glimpse in to the world of a woodturner. There were so many different tools laid out, piles of wood, and woodcarved items stacked high on shelves.’ Look out for the full write up soon to appear on our website.

Phil has made a number of bowls, dishes and pens for Moat Brae, which you can buy via our online shop

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