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Peter Pan Flies Down-Under

moatbrae, December 3, 2015

It’s always wonderful to hear from people who love our project and are sharing our stories.  We were delighted to hear recently about Evie Kyle, an 8 year old who lives in Australia and has family connections to Dumfries.  Moat Brae supporters Margaret and David Johnston had sent the new graphic novel of Peter Pan by Stref and Fin Cramb to Evie and here’s what happened next…

“Recently I sent this book and information about the Moatbrae project to my friend’s 8 year old daughter, Evie Kyle, in Perth, Australia.   I thought  this excerpt from a recent e-mail might interest you!!

“Evie presented her Peter Pan and explained all about Moatbrae for her oral presentation at school. You would have been proud!  I helped her prepare a speech and she explained what the people of Dumfries are doing to rebuild the house.   She was given an A!!!

I thought you would like to know that news of your project has reached the other side of the world!”

Evie’s mum later wrote to us:

“Evie completed her oral presentation last term and she enthusiastically shared our connections with Dumfries and Moat Brae. Evie highlighted all the beautiful illustrations in her Peter Pan book and read from the Trust’s news letter. We were very lucky to receive such a lovely gift from our dear friends Margaret and David Johnston. We will be returning to Dumfries in 2016 for a family holiday and look forward to seeing the progress with Moat Brae. We are very proud to be supporting your cause!”

Thank you Evie!


… and the story continues –

“My dear friend Margaret sent both Euan and Evie updates, news clippings from Dumfries Standard and a signed postcard, they are thrilled!!!”

Mr Holmes and Evie’s class teacher were thrilled to be part of the Peter Pan legacy, thank you so very much!”

Here is Evie with her school teacher Mrs Campbell and her school Principal Andrew Holmes, also with her brother Euan as they receive their second parcel of news from Moat Brae.


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